Summarizing 2019


So 2019 which was the most productive and best year of my life is over. I've roughly spent bit more than 2000 hours programming this year. After experiencing two worst years for many reasons which were 2017 and 2018 I've had enough and committed myself to change. Even though it wasn't a new years resolution kind of thing I started committing everything towards my career on January 2019.

I threw all disturbances out of the window, including a social life. At start I begun with around 9 to 12 hours a day programming or going through courses for nearly 7 days a week for 6 months was what I did. I had really missed actually progressing on something that I got addicted to working and improving and learning. It was not easy. Sometimes I'd get frustrated as human beings need more in their life than work but I pushed myself through. After 4 months of doing this I was safe to say becoming a golden star in my work field, so I had begun the job hunt while keeping at my studies without a decrement while juggling small freelancing clients on side.

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Not all but some employers in Turkey are cruel, due to economical crises as a human being you often are worth nothing to them so after couple bad treatments from Turkish employers I closed myself to inner market and focused outwards. Around 10 job applications a week, with averagely an interview for jobs per week aswell I spent around 2-3 months like that. Rejection after rejection (often the case the companies looked for cheap employees rather than actually needing more employees) but after one point I felt a good job was coming soon and it did. Started working at company I'm in today where I feel appreciated and respected. This goes other way around aswell, our management and boss are nothing like what I'd seen and are really good in many ways. They handled my stress and concerns due to previous bad employee experiences and gave me the time I need to adapt to project I was assigned, now everything is perfect. Two way trust on everything is set.

It has been about 6 months since I've joined ColorElephant and I'm focusing on myself, still I side program alot out of my field outside work for fun and keeping myself sharp but necessary sacrifice I'd to make is done and I got rewarded for it. Only thing it took was my willpower and planned working. I've always worked smart and this time got the best results for it. I hope 2020 is going to be blast of a year as 2019 was. Take care everyone, stop fooling around and do what you gotta do!