Why do we fail to do the right thing?


It's been a while since I wrote anything whether on my blog or any platform I'm in. Unlike my general topic of technology I'll try to talk about a bigger scope of area where I'm not at all professionalized but nonetheless I try to read and think very much on. So for any possible flaws in my thinking process or arguments feel free to point them out by contacting me.

For couple of months I've been thinking over both global and national problems (I'm from and live in Turkey) we have. Even though the national ones do not affect the rest of the world the causes of them are similar. There are many levels where we have these problems but I'll try to focus on them at individual level as much as possible and what can we do about it?

Recently we as a world faced a challenge that was not foreseen by most and only expected by only few others due to eventuality of life. This challenge I mention is Covid-19 which has caused severe damages to humanity both at personal level and civilization level yet we are failing to keep doing what's right even though the answer is simple. Right now the only course of action to get it over with (seeing than vaccines and possible treatments will take a long time to get here) is social distancing but we kind of fail to do that because at very least we the people need to earn money and use it to sustain our lives. Be as that may the precautions at some level still could be sustained while 'normalizing' from this point on however they are not, but why?

Because we as people do not educate ourselves enough that we demand from our governments the correct precautions necessary.

On the contrary if you look at USA (I could link tons of articles here for that but a simple web search can yield same results) you can see that tons of people mistake the precautions as a offence towards their freedom and revolt. But is it their sincere opinion or are they fueled to revolt against their governors which ends up them risking millions of people's lives? I believe that the loud ignorance is way more profitable in the short run (and maybe in the long run) than the silent logical ones hence the ignorance is encouraged to be loud and taken over by media.

To not be an instrument to this we need better education starting at young age, not one that has sole purpose of teaching history, math, physics and such but also teaches critical thinking and logical assessment. To see, read information about any topic and before accepting it weighting in personal self whether it's more likely to be correct (or when possible cross reference it with other credible sources to guarantee the information to be true) or not.

The way Covid-19 is handled in my country at first was better than average compared to other countries but now we are losing our edge as people has grown tired of new rules we need to abide where we need to keep social distance. In Turkey right now there are terribly ignorant people who mock mask wearers that try to keep the distance and close the distance between the cautious ones just to irritate them because they do not know any better. But why is this the case? Why can't we as people be better at seeing that this is wrong and puts every person in one's proximity (and indirectly other people who are at proximity of the people that were in your proximity). Because we people can not foresee the causes of our actions even the most obvious ones and empathize with our future self or others.

To be better than this we need these morals built into our brains at young age we have many sayings in Turkish about this "Ağaç yaş iken eğilir" ("Tree is bent while it is a twig") or "Bir insan yedisinde ne ise yetmişinde de odur" (A person is at its' seventy what they were in their seventh (age)). Given that some (by some countries most) people do not have the opportunity to have college education and it most likely being too late by then this has to happen way earlier. And right now from the looks of it all around the world we terribly are failing to educate our youth.

We need to improve this but when the sole access to youth's education is to government how can this be improved if and when the government benefits from a population that accepts anything told to them without questioning? That's the question I've been having and that's something that I've been thinking on. What if parents that could not afford home schooling and wanted a way out from such faulty education had an alternative? What if they could oversee what their children is being taught so that their children is growing to be better versions of themselves instead of opposite? Isn't that what point of giving life to a child is: "Making them better versions of yourselves"?

This has been the question that I've been having and possibly a project that I might (or hopefully someone with vast more resources and is reading this that sincerely cares about future as much as I do takes up and starts building it) invest my time in. A system that is sustained by donations from corporations and individuals that care about youth rather than any monetization. A system where what to be taught is dictated by the coalition of academicians. There are many examples of this type of education for adults but there is not a solid one for children and teenagers because the adults are compared to young minds are self driven and most importantly aware of such technologies. But what if we could make the same for children and teenagers and do it right? Then the humanity would be better place than what it could be without.

This project is far away from truth and a think tank material at most. And the most critical part of it is, profit driven tech monopolies should not be getting into this. That'd be much worse than autocratic or strict order enforcing governments the world has today.